We are located in the southern foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s in a small town called Coarsegold

Coarsegold is located along California’s Highway 41, just south of our nations beautiful – Yosemite National Park.

Coarsegold has many small community’s but Jim and I settled in the southern most community of “Yosemite Lakes Parks”. Developed in the mid 70’s as a vacation community it quickly became a retirement and working family community located 35 miles from Fresno.

Within the first two years Jim, our small city dog Jackson and I started added to our family, 2 more dogs to keep Jackson and me safe, 6 cats to keep the rodents away, 3 chickens for eggs and 3 horses for me to ride.

Our dreams and our love for each other has made it possible for us to create “Sutherlin Acres”.