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Welcome to Sutherlin Acres

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s below the South entrance to the beautiful Yosemite National Park.

We hope we can share some of our bounty with you.

Latest from the Blog

  • August is finally Over
    Not that I don’t like the month of August 2022 was just too HOT!! I lost plants, three chickens and my Turkey Miss Carson died yesterday, September 3rd. August turned out to be a busy month trying to keep the property cleared of weeds and down tress and limbs was a job within itself with…
  • Crazy Life
    It’s the Sturgeon Moon which is also a Super moon today large, bright and it definitely affected me today. Did you feel it too? I’ve been moody the last couple of days and even today I could tell my dogs we’re not on their best behavior. Just proves we are all connected in some way…
  • Crazy day already at Sutherlin Acres
    So excited for Monday to come around this week. We had a scheduled outage from our electric company which went fine and then -whoops a huge area went down and nobody has electricity. I can live with that, we do have solar with the back up battery so I have a fan, Internet, my refrigerator…

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