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Welcome to Sutherlin Acres

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s below the South entrance to the beautiful Yosemite National Park.

We hope we can share some of our bounty with you.

Latest from the Blog

  • Weirdest Sight Today
    Amazing I saw at lest 50 California Condors / vulture fly together today. I was sitting outside and watched them as they flew toward our house. First it was a few but as I looked closer I could see there were more, so I started counting. Pretty amazing!! They circled around a few times and…
  • What’s New
    What a blessing!! Jim and I survived the day after our second Covid shot, sore everywhere, high fever, slept most the day and ate ramen and Easter bunny cookies. Today we get to make up two days of lost work. Mowing and cutting down weeds/flowers except for the Lupines of course and other desired wildflowers….
  • Hot Hot Hot
    It’s August and the heat has arrived!! Our patio was at 132 degrees over the weekend !!! Of course that is in the direct sun but still my animals and plants are feeling the heat. Here in California our electric company announced a Flex Alert, meaning they will be doing rolling blackouts throughout the state…

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