What’s New

What a blessing!! Jim and I survived the day after our second Covid shot, sore everywhere, high fever, slept most the day and ate ramen and Easter bunny cookies.

Today we get to make up two days of lost work. Mowing and cutting down weeds/flowers except for the Lupines of course and other desired wildflowers. I want the wildflowers to seed for next year, once they dry out they too will get mowed down for fire protection around the mini homestead.

Last couple of weeks we picked up some new chicks, two ducks and a turkey. They are growing fast and cute as can be. I name the turkey Carson and the ducks Waddles and Quacks, the chickens are referred to as the girls.

We are moving the horses stalls again to accommodate the way the water flows when it rains, we bought them new mats to hopefully keep them out of the mud and help keep their hooves cleaner and less impacted.

We requested a local to come level the area where the stalls are and where I want our new shed which we purchased from Costco a few weeks ago. It will be nice to finally have a place for all my horse supplies and tack.

The Worm Moon was beautiful last night and I set up a bottle of water to be blessed with flowers, an egg, raw crystals and an an intention for rain, moderate weather, abundant growing season, love and happiness.

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