Crazy Life

It’s the Sturgeon Moon which is also a Super moon today large, bright and it definitely affected me today. Did you feel it too?

I’ve been moody the last couple of days and even today I could tell my dogs we’re not on their best behavior. Just proves we are all connected in some way and knowing what the cause is makes it a lot easier to deal with.

I was kinda in a funk today and I didn’t really want to do anything. Eventually I did get some stuff done. I cleaned two of our three toilets & the sinks, took out the trash, put away my laundry from yesterday, wiped up the kitchen floor, did the dishes and wrote two emails.

My problem is, I don’t have a rhythm yet now that I’m retired plus it’s hot and today it felt like “Earthquake” weather, yes it’s a thing, add the full Super moon and there it is total disregard for everything I need to do.

Hope you’re feeling safe and healthy! Remember all things are better when you take a moment and give yourself a big hug!


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