August is finally Over

Not that I don’t like the month of August 2022 was just too HOT!! I lost plants, three chickens and my Turkey Miss Carson died yesterday, September 3rd.

August turned out to be a busy month trying to keep the property cleared of weeds and down tress and limbs was a job within itself with more to do this coming winter/fall.

California is in what they are calling a Mega Drought!!! What does that mean to us, less water of course and conservation on what we water and let die off. We pray everyday for rain (without lighting) to help with the drought and just to give us some reprieve for the heat.

Yes heat, as in, 127+ degrees out by the horses and driveway and our backyard, being on the south slope gets up to 130+ which has melted plastic fittings on hoses & sprinklers, melted planter containers and corroded many of our chairs, cushions and damaged anything we forget and leave out in the sun.

The heat is all over the planet this year, we wish we had some of the rains; that are flooding the east and other countries this year. Yes it seems the weather patterns have changed; El Nina`is to blame and Climate Change; whatever it is the West Coast, Central Valley of California and the west side of the Sierra Nevada’s missed out on any precipitation that flooded many areas across the US and the World, wish Mother Earth would share in a moderate way.

Noticeable trends this August, our Oak and Pine trees never quite dropping leaves/needles, it must be the heat and low humidity. The acorns started dropping early this month, seems like tons of acorns have fallen and they are he biggest I’ve ever seen. It is curious now when I look back and realized that my Fruitless Pear, Locust, Wisteria and some of the other trees/bushes didn’t really flower this year nor did my grapes, they did terrible this year and the veggie garden became too hot to grow anything new.

My new cleaning hack for August is to hire a someone to come clean our solar panels, roof, house siding, your screens and outside windows, true filling of getting something clean before the holidays and winter.

My September bring us all what we need and may your desires become your reality.


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