Heatwave throughout US

Oh boy turning hot around here☀️

Curtains and shades are all pulled to keep down the heat from the windows. House fans and AC set. The only thing I can’t plan for is the power, if PGE determines there is a fire danger caused by the hot weather they might cut the power. Ugh-solar system installation was completed on Saturday but is waiting for PG&E and the County inspection before it is switch on, then I’ll have Solar with the back up battery.

I’m all set for the next three days, I have plenty of water, ice, pool, food, beer lol. All the vehicles have gas and the house is (almost) clean. If the power does go out – I’ll adapt and make it work!!

How do we manage everything else for now the Chickens have a box fan blowing air around and I’ll be hooking up a small mister for the hottest of the days, plus I have frozen treats for them to eat.

The dogs will stay inside most the day, they do have their pink kiddie pool to play in if they choose and plenty of ice to munch on. The cats are keeping cool sleeping underneath the hedges but as it gets hotter I’ll bring them inside to their “Kitty kennel” to keep them cooled off and let them back out at night to catch “stuff”.

My beautiful horses, Miss Daisy and Money Honey they have a sprinkler that goes off twice a day to wash down the stalls, both horses love to run through it and cool down.

As for the yard and gardens, on these hot days they get extra watering. I didn’t plant my seedlings this weekend due to the hot weather forecast (100 -110+), I’ll wait to transfer them to the veggie garden this weekend – the weather is forecasted to drop down to the 80’s. (Better for young plants

Stay healthy, And remember to hydrate during hot weather


PS – Prayers for all -HUGS

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