Brought Chief Home

Chief is my first “Free” horse and he had various trust issues and wasn’t disciplined. After months of working with him he began to have trust and would let others be around him. I rode him three times before coming to the conclusion he needed training. We ran into a few obstacles-he wouldn’t get into our trailer. Months of trying to feed him in the trailer didn’t work, we built a ramp which didn’t work either, so we bought a trailer with a ramp to try after the winter rain. It took a few months but he at last got in. The very next weekend we loaded him up and drove him to the trainer.

I was so happy to finally get him trained to ride- then the truth came – he failed training – poor guy has depth perception issues and possible issues with his front leg. Heartbroken

Today we brought him home to be with us -I’ll still work him as a companion horse and possibly ride him in the corrals.

Chief Chief

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