First week of August 2020

The pandemic it’s still foremost on my mind!

Today Jim and I are getting our chores done early in the morning so that we can do some relaxing.

I’m sitting here with the horses and the three dogs enjoying a Bloody Mary; best way to start off the rest of the day. There’s so many things to think about in these times; the blessings that I’ve had in the past that created who I am today (although I didn’t like going through them). The definite love I feel that helps Jim and I create life at Sutherlin Acres.

The blessings I am enjoying now with hard work, failures, lots of redos, relearning, new lessons and pure exhaustion.

Then there is the future, unknowing, planning with the “as if” attitude for this abnormal world. Planning and working towards God’s Blessings is the only constant we have.

So what’s been happening, the 11 chickens started laying eggs. The two oldest hens are really holding to the term (pecking order). We’re going to buy a shed to make it into a chicken house and change the way the chicken run, roost and chicken house are laid out to accommodate the amount of chickens we have and to keep them safe from our dogs and other predators.

The veggie garden has started to show new growth since they almost died off during the extreme heat wave we had, it’s now starting to show new blossoms, I’ve actually had a hand full of cherry delicious tomatoes. We finished fixing all the leaks in the old drip system and repaired the places where the animals chewed through it causing a few big leaks. Everything seems to be getting watered correctly now, even our two lawns are greener, only a few dry spots are left -great accomplishment here.

Never ending story there!!

In the next few months the horse stalls will be moved and a new shed put up to hold all the tack and supplies. This is one of the learning experiences and the redos that we have to do. When we set the stall up it was for one horse now we have three so things need to be rearranged. We ordered new gates and panels plus we are putting up a round pen so I can work the horses and get them ready to ride again. We still need to finish the electrical lines/fence for the “completed “ pasture, lots of work still needs to be done. New lesson, what are we do with all that muck!!!

All in all every accomplishment we make takes us closer to being finished. I can’t wait to see what the rest of August has in store for us❤️

God Bless

Nancy / Sutherlin


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