Last week of June 2020

What a roller coaster the first half of 2020 has been.

January – April were busy months, cleaning, reorganizing, getting my seeds started for the veggie garden, getting my wild flowers planted, but then our world changed. Reports of the Corona Virus in Wuhan started to circulate, we had daily updates from the President (I watched everyday at first), the sick Cruise ship passengers and then the announcement they were docking in California, the Governor of California began updating us that the government requested/told California to handle this, the ships were waiting off the shore waiting to dock. Gov Newson updated us on how this was going work and promised to keep us safe. The process was to quarantine the passengers for transport to isolation centers which worked without any issues (at least there weren’t any reports of issues). We continued to get news of the virus spreading and the chaos , shortages of hospital beds, ventilators and deaths happening throughout the world was horrifying.

By mid March many of us knew it was coming, either a complete shut down of our country or something else to stop the virus. As it was we were ordered to “Stay at Home”.

There have been various lies which eventually caught up with everyone, the cover-up was exposed when the CDC announced “we were in a Pandemic”! The United States government began the process in ordering us to stay home, while California had already issued that decree. I prefer to call it for me “Safety at Home”.

By March 12th I had already done two major shopping trips for supplies but I wasn’t in time, most the shelves were empty. I couldn’t find any potatoes, onions, rice, pasta, sauces, can veggies or fruit, paper products or cleaning supplies. Meat and Fish were already being limited to a total of two per customer, but I was able to get the basics that lasted about a month. As the months continued we shop as needed and didn’t linger in the stores, thankfully by April/May fresh product and fruits were available again and I was able to find whole Chickens in June, I was so happy and baked a lemon, onion and rosemary stuffed chicken that was Delicious.

Crazy stuff right, right out of a SyFy book/movie. I went into a nesting mode, I baked bread and sweets, cooked soups and casseroles and froze my fruits for later due to the shortage. I just reordered some pasta and spices that I ran out of. I’m still on the fringe of wanted to stock up for a year (like the Mormons do), I know I don’t have the capacity to really store that much food unless I build a root cellar of some sort, this would be really fun to have and since we had various Tornado warnings last year it could also be a shelter to hind in, but that is wishful thinking because I don’t have the funds or time to accomplish it. But if we continue to have unsettled weather, and shelter at home it will be added into our future plans. By mid April our good friend ended up in the hospital with Covid 19 – it became real for us. Prayers were abound and he came out of the hospital 28 days later – and after weeks of recovery he is clear of Covid, a true blessing.

I pray the second half of 2020 is healthier!! We all become immune to the Covid 19 virus, those who are ill may they recover quickly. Let this virus be eradicated from earth for good.!!!!

If the virus isn’t enough, our world / country is hurting more than ever right now. There is so much hate and hurt that needs to be addressed and we need healing. I pray all these issues can be resolved and all the inequality that is going on in this world can find a common resolution. We are all equal in the eyes of our personal creator.

One of my favorite verses I try to use in my life is: Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you would have them do to you”.

Next time I’ll update you on our horses, chickens, garden and yard work.

Sending LOVE to all,

Nancy @ Sutherlin Acres

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