Where did spring and summer go

Hot weather has dominated over our spring and summer this year

Hot weather and low humidity has been the overall menace for our communities this year.

Since April there have been several fires within a 10 mile radius of our home. Five of those fires were less than a mile from us.

Thank goodness for the quick response of the full Wildfire Response Teams; Firefighters tankers, water tenders, helicopters, planes, dozers etc… special mention to our Security, Sheriffs, CHP and neighbors who took to their shovels before the Wildfire Team arrived.

I started my garden with tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers, squash back in early March, my early girl produced six tomatoes before the high heat compromised it and it shriveled up. My peach tree look like it was going to have three peaches but it to was affected by the high heat. Most of my herbs are surviving the and most of the native plants are thriving; various sages, several deer grasses, coyote brush, and wildflowers.

Besides the early girl I have a cherry tomato that I started last year that has been a bounty of delicious tomatoes and I also harvested several grapes today.

The garden will survive this high heat and many of the vegetables will regrow throughout the winter. The herbs continue to produce every year while it’s a waiting game on what the apples, peach, citrus trees will do.

Prayers to our friends and family throughout the world dealing with fires, floods, sickness and harm.

Sending love to all

Nancy | Sutherlin Acres #sutherlinacres17 #garden #heatwave #rain #thunderlighting #blessed

We just had maybe 5 minutes of rain -beautiful but then the thunder & lightning came 😢

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