Crazy day already at Sutherlin Acres

So excited for Monday to come around this week. We had a scheduled outage from our electric company which went fine and then -whoops a huge area went down and nobody has electricity. I can live with that, we do have solar with the back up battery so I have a fan, Internet, my refrigerator and freezers are on, bummer it’s hot it’s almost 80+ in the house, still I can handle it.

But dangit !!! this is a complete disappointment!!! Today my shed was scheduled to be installed and they showed up. Yep after waiting 6months with 7 yes 7 reschedules I was Ecstatic. Installers get here they lay out the foundation bricks put the cross beams in for the floor and advise me it’s too unsafe to install, WHAT?? WHY?? because the area isn’t level enough for the foundation.

Six months ago we had the area plowed down and leveled out, Little did we know that it wasn’t level, never thinking of actually getting a level out to guarantee the work we had done was sufficient. Tell me a truth it looks level but the illusion within these hills is remarkable.

Now we have to buy bass rock, dig out one side-build up one the rest using decomposed granite. This way we guarantee the install of the shed which is going to be another couple weeks to a month, so disappointing. There must be a big reason for it but I’m just tired of having all my horse stuff out in an empty stall under a canopy and in the garage.

So much for hindsight it’s just another nickel in the can on how much my husband and I don’t know about farming, ranching, construction And life in the foothills – mountains.

Onto my next project, today I’m cleaning up after the granddaughters were here all week. Best week ever !! Yes is was a lot of work, the girls are 11 1/2 and 6, I definitely was able to use the college lessons in psychology all week long.

The house is hot but I can get a lot of things done before I start my evening chores. Such as feeding Miss Daisy at the equestrian center, feeding Money Honey here at home, feeding all the cats the dogs then myself, straighten up a bit and it will be time to go to bed.

God Bless Us All


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